Wednesday, April 14, 2010

tAg DaRi AtEn

1. Who is yourself at home?
yong, sha2

2. Who is yourself besides a friend?
shaz, aleen, cha, hasha

3. 5 things that you aspire but have not achieved yet.
i.   keje tetap..(bile success..otw)
ii.  g haji..(sempat x...)
iii. umah..
iv. make my family satisfied with me and wht am i doing..(bile agakny)
v. husband!haha!

4. who is your spouse's name? kurang faham ape sebenarnye y dimaksudkan dgn tht words. so sbg langkah keselamatan, aq xjawab.hahaha...

5. 5 things you like most about your partner.
i. caring
ii. gile
iii. understanding
iv. sempoi
v. simple

6. The date when you couple?
er,,,aq xigt..june 09 je aq aq xsure..mostly mmg pompuan igt date2 mcm aq mmg asy lupe..

7. The bitter memories with your partner.
kete rosak!haha

8. The theme song of your love.
jap aq pk.penah ade ke??mcm x je..sbb tu aq xtau.hihi

9. What changes you want to see from your partner?
just like the way he is...and tglkn bnd aq xpena pakse pon..

10. Tag 10 of your other friends.
-huda-kid-fiza-fara-nor-azri-kak azah-ayu-paan-unknown