Thursday, December 11, 2008

what a bord day~~~

heyya!!hurm..2day is thursday..i wake up at 10..last nyte i sleep at 4..doing all those works as a days ago..works3x!huhu!borrowed dvd from ewan..nway i hope 2mrrw is fun coz i'm goin' 4 holiday with my my grandma...o'o...we dead..cannot do tht..cannot do ths..cannot wear tht..cannot wear ths..oh my God!but who cares!!!i juz wear n do whtever i like...ehe..well..i juz missed sumbody...i dunno..but i missed him..i think n i knw i shouldn't miss him..but my heart do miss him!argh..wut 2 do..when talking about love..i have no words 2 sumtyme love bring us happiness..but can make people suffer...coz love is blind..people will do everythng 4 thnk wisely b4 u make any mistake...thnk about it..~

Friday, December 5, 2008


I've juz created my blog b4.unfortunately..i forgot the bad..i am very happy ain overnyte at my my dad allow me 2 overnyte at our house[rental house].at kg br..huhu..the next day i will hang out with my friends..we're going to pyramid..there is sk8 competition ny..myb ths is my tyme kot..a few days ago i'm in bad condition..sad..mad..exasperate..with somebody..with situation..with myself..everybody was confius at that i'm back with new mission n vision..
i juz hope 4 the best 4 my final..i've done mybest..huhu..thts all 4 2day i think..thankx..