Monday, February 23, 2009

-special dedicate to my parents-

Special 4 Mama & Papa

I may no longer need your hand for every step I take But I still need your acceptance & support of everything I do...
I may not be that little child who asked for all things I ever wanted in the world But that's because long ago you thought me 'How to go after my dream'...
I may no longer be that little child who looked to you to share every hurts, smile & tear But I still feel like that child whenever I think about you...
I'll always love you, Mama & Papa with the heart of that little child grown to love you only you more...
Ma & Pa
I do think of you often..
Lots of love,
me myself & I

Sunday, February 22, 2009

I am Me?

This is Me

Always been the kind of girl that hid my face
So afraid to tell the world what I've got to say
But I have this dream right inside of me
I'm gonna let it show
It's time
To let you know, to let you know

This is real, this is me
I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be now
Gonna let the light shine on me
Now I've found, who I am
There's no way to hold it in
No more hiding who I wanna be..This is me

Do you know what it's like to feel so in the dark?
To dream about a life where you're the shining star
Even though it seems
Like it's too far away
I have to believe in myself
It's the only way

This is real, this is me
I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be now
Gonna let the light shine on me
Now I've found, who I am
There's no way to hold it in
No more hiding who I wanna be
This is me

Song by:
Demi Lovato & Joe Jonas

i'm not gud enough, i'm not perfect, plz do understand 4 wht i love 2 do...

Skate??something that i love 2 do..but then after 3 years...i get started again..till my dad find out..everything gone.he was damn mad at me...!"papa why..." tyme study, studyla..sape y xnk deanlist...
well..sk8 is not sumthin y bole ruin life or study or wht nots..yaw...frustrated gler!damn frust!y must 'ungkit' bout de past..past is past la..bnd da jd..tht is my result 4 3rd am i goin 2 change tht..i juz cam improve it on my ths coming final 4 my fourth sem..i juz get damn sick with....i dunno wht 2 say..i dun even have words 4 tht..myb i can called it as a RULE? well...i dunno...but whtever it is..i will not quiting sk8..myb another break 4 me?i hope after i got my besh dad will allow me 2 sk8 again...arrghhhh!!!!! i hope so...wuhuu...i need my fwenz matter me in study...all sk8ers..gv ur courage n keep me update n wht is goin ash..n others y aq xtaw nme..but u guys r cool..sdey gler xdpt follow korg hari ni...haish...~eNd~

Monday, February 9, 2009

aQ x FAHAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

saket otak aq pkay...ades..tbe2 org kt sekeliling aq jadi len...ceh!pdhal 2 org je..citer nk bom..haha!npe bdk cumel 2 lain tbe2 eh?aq de wat salah pe yep??myb aq de wat aq xprasan...trs terang kot..jangan wat aq camni...smlm lg best..tah pehal cam xfaham gak ngn hambe Allah yang sorg neh...dye wat aq sgt confius..kdg2 dye layan aq baik gler...somehow cam xknl aq..or mcm br knl aq..pehal kot..myb perasaan aq je sgt geram...sbb 2 situation tu xpasal2 aq g paramount...xlarat2 men sk8 pn aq g gak saner..tenteram jap perasaan aq nih..nk blk umah pn xgne..celaru gak otak aq ngn bdk cumel..dari pagi smlm ckp kt hanis...bdk cumel 2 knp??hanis pn xtaw..damn!aq rs cam nk kua cr ketenangan jap...ades..problem dye skunk aq pn xpaham..kalau ikut hati...ari ni pn aq igt nk trn pk sok aq claz pg...clz masuma lak batalkan la niat suci murni aq ngn kesihatan aq y siket gaban skunk..lg r aq tention..argh!!!aq xtaw pe nk ckp lg!!!da r

Friday, February 6, 2009

~pagi yang gelap..kini blom terang~

skunk da kul 4 pg...sume da tdow..tgl aq je blom tdow...
pd muleny aq nk wat ip a.k.a interner programming..sok pg ni kne aq stll on my way nk saip kan..wuhu..disamping meng'on9'kn diri..
hm...xtdow la aq problem lain y harap ade org xpressure aq..igtlah bhw hati aq milik on d way siapkan ip yang da hampir nk siap tp xjugak siap ats kelalaian diriku sendiri gare2 internet!walahal kpale aq skunk pn da cam xbrape nk sehat..da cam pusing2 main marry go round sbb xckp tdow..lg y memening kn kpale..smlm dye text aq ajak aq aq xreply cz aq xtaw nk reply ape tnp wat dye terase..conclusion dye aq xreply.till the next day pny cls dye tny aq..dapat xmsg da cuak da tyme 2..till now aq xreply...nnt la sok aq free aq text dye..ssh idup cut the crap dl la.wat ip jap.2 be continued!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

sumthng happen in my heart!
he text me yesterday.
he also text me b4 ths..but ths tyme..
i dont knw why..feel wanna talk 2 him..
after 3 month..[he counted]
we hv chat 2gether through the phone..
melepaskan geram masing2...wuhuuu...
sangat suke marah dye..padan muke!!
sangat puas at...
wht more 2 say..
there is a lot of words..
but dunno how 2 express it in sentences..
very puzzle..
like everybody knows..
n like sumone said 2 me...
"life is puzzle"[curik ayt farid ajir kjp]..
there is nothing between us..
but all the memories..
stll be remembered...
4 the sweet thing in life...
n i hope there is no to be continued..
end mean end
i have 2 ignore
tht sumthing in my heart...
i hope so..