Tuesday, February 3, 2009

sumthng happen in my heart!
he text me yesterday.
he also text me b4 ths..but ths tyme..
i dont knw why..feel wanna talk 2 him..
after 3 month..[he counted]
we hv chat 2gether through the phone..
melepaskan geram masing2...wuhuuu...
sangat suke marah dye..padan muke!!
sangat puas at...
wht more 2 say..
there is a lot of words..
but dunno how 2 express it in sentences..
very puzzle..
like everybody knows..
n like sumone said 2 me...
"life is puzzle"[curik ayt farid ajir kjp]..
there is nothing between us..
but all the memories..
stll be remembered...
4 the sweet thing in life...
n i hope there is no to be continued..
end mean end
i have 2 ignore
tht sumthing in my heart...
i hope so..

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