Thursday, December 11, 2008

what a bord day~~~

heyya!!hurm..2day is thursday..i wake up at 10..last nyte i sleep at 4..doing all those works as a days ago..works3x!huhu!borrowed dvd from ewan..nway i hope 2mrrw is fun coz i'm goin' 4 holiday with my my grandma...o'o...we dead..cannot do tht..cannot do ths..cannot wear tht..cannot wear ths..oh my God!but who cares!!!i juz wear n do whtever i like...ehe..well..i juz missed sumbody...i dunno..but i missed him..i think n i knw i shouldn't miss him..but my heart do miss him!argh..wut 2 do..when talking about love..i have no words 2 sumtyme love bring us happiness..but can make people suffer...coz love is blind..people will do everythng 4 thnk wisely b4 u make any mistake...thnk about it..~

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