Thursday, January 21, 2010


 Courage is something any one can achieve
It can happen so fast if you just believe
Believe in yourself and you'll be suprised
your more brave then you ever realized
Courage is something hidin inside
Whoever said it's not, that person lied
Courage means you can face your fears
That you're not afriad to shed some tears
In life without fear you can never be brave
You can't rescue a princess if there's no one to save
Life has to be balanced like dark and light
There can be no wrong if theres is no right 
Getting courage is easy to do
Look deep inside and you'll find it too....

i hope i have the courage 2 face another this 5 month....without fail or hurting anybody....ntah...even wan pn ckp kt aq smlm...shz xley camni...kne kuat cket...bkn sume bnd shz xley wat..bole je tp kne pndai jge wan ckp cam2..semangat cket la aq nnt dye na kne g xmaw dye nk wat camner kn...tu tugas hny bole bg semanagt n sokongan....ari ni mcm xtaw rs rndu kwn2 aq la..tiap2 ari snanye aq rndu aq wat biase g kje..smp ofis wat kje..blk tgk lyn adk2 aq..borak2 ngn mama aq...cukup tyme tdow...mcm tu la hari2...mcm hari2 kurang indah da...hak3!hm..xpe la ape redha..2 kn azam thn br aq...chaiyok2 shz!aja!aja!fighting!!

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